Transparent human head surrounded by multicolor numbers

State-of-the-Art Research

Human-Computer Interaction, Video Games, Game-Based Models,
Virtual Reality, and Simulations


The UNLV Interaction & Media Sciences (IMS) Lab is an interdisciplinary lab that focuses on research in understanding technology from the human perspective, specifically in the context of human learning, behavior, and socio-emotional competencies.

The IMS Lab was created, in part, to provide graduate students with an opportunity to actively engage in mentorship-guided research and develop the skills necessary for work at public and private research jobs, as well as academic positions.
Located in the Carlson Education Building (CEB), room CEB 313/330, the lab consists of three separate workspaces:

  • Traditional Desktop Research Lab

  • Virtual Reality Lab

  • Lab Coordinators' Office


For more information regarding the IMS Lab, fill out a request form to contact the IMS team or speak directly with Michael McCreery, Ph.D. at